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    Contact Lens
    Optiano & Primo Contact Lenses are specially designed to provide comfort and enhance natural eye look.
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    Ophthalmic Lens
    HI-Q & Opal Ophthalmic lenses are carefully designed to recreate natural vision and provides the most natural vision with the best cosmetic appearance.
  • Lens Care Products
    Optiano soft contact lens solutions are designed to make your lens wearing experience healthy and comfortable.
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Who We Are

We, Unique Visual System are importer and distributor of Contact Lens, Ophthalmic Lens and Lens care products. We are leader in Optical Trading business in Pakistan.

All About Vision


Eye an organ which reacts to light and pressure, an organ which is powerful as well as fragile. Because of it we have our most solicited sense called vision. Vision is vital for learning, working and lifelong tasks.


It’s critical to protect it and prevent any defects and diseases that can occur during one’s life, Getting regular checkups and examinations from eye care professionals are essential because eye is vulnerable to many threats and many times we need to correct it by using vision aids.



If you are myopic, hyperopic, astigmatic or presbyopic in all these conditions you need to use vision aids to correct it, ophthalmic lens and contact lens are two most commonly used solutions to correct vision.



Caring refers to any behavior that goes above and beyond the call of duty towards all the people connected to us either they are our customers, consumers or distributors we are always committed to them.

Customer Commitment

We develop relationships that make a positive difference to our lives.


We provide outstanding products and unsurpassed services that, together, deliver premium value to our consumers.


We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions.

Team Work

We work together, across boundaries to help the company win.

Respect for People

We value our people, encourage their development and reward their performance.

A will to win

We exhibit a strong will to win in the marketplace and in every aspect of our business.

Good Competitors

We believe in healthy competition which results in betterment of our industry.

Personal accountability

we are personally accountable for delivering on our commitments.


Is to help improve people’s lives through our dedication to excellence in service and quality. Our commitment is to provide the finest vision products available to "help the world see better". "With an Eye on Service and Quality!" is the motto of UVS and we back up this pledge with optical expertise and a partnership with our customers that is second to none!

OUR Vision

Our vision gives us a sense of direction and destination, and we capture our aspiration of being "The Best" in optical industry. Read More...